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Camano Coffee Mill Grinder


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Camano Coffee Mill Grinder

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Few people know that the trick to making the perfect cup of coffee at home is to grind the beans just before they’re brewed. By hand grinding those carefully prepared coffee beans with a one of a kind tool that is designed to improve the quality of your cup, you’ll take your home brewing to the next level. The Camano Coffee Mill is a unique manual coffee grinder. A simple design, the beauty lies in its functionality and care in construction. It’s a fully adjustable conical burr coffee grinder that’s as beautiful as it is functional. The only energy the Camano Coffee Mill uses is yours… a small way you can help conserve electricity and enjoy a good cup of joe. Holds enough coffee beans to make 4-5 cups of drip coffee. Need to make more? Just refill the hopper and keep grinding! Get your very own Camano Coffee Mill or as a gift for that someone who truly savors their coffee experience.

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